Instructions on how to enter into the United States’, Swiss, French, and other countries’ medical systems as an international physician
This website was originally developed for Czech and Slovak physicians to provide them with detailed instructions on how to transfer their credits (medical diplomas, certificates) to other selected European countries and into the United States of America. As this website becomes increasingly more visited and having realized that there is an interest to leave for the US even in countries like Switzerland where I practice now, I decided to translate this website from Czech to English and French.
I put the information presented on this website together in the summer of 2012 to answer an increasing number of questions from my colleagues and friends. I first searched on the web what information is already available and found an inspiring website of Czech physician Dr. Michal Boháč who works in Germany. There is also information available about Great Britain, Sweden, and Austria. I therefore decided to broaden the collective knowledge with information about the US, France, and Switzerland. With these countries I have a personal experience. In November 2013 I was contacted by Czech physician Dr. Lenka Zahálková who works in Italy and who offered to share her knowledge and experience on my website, and in January 2014 by Dr. Vojtěch Čapek who lives and works in Sweden.
I am looking forward to hear from more enthusiastic doctors who wish to share their experience and give information on how to proceed when moving to Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and other countries.
I hope you find this information helpful and accurate. Please do not hesitate to contact me with positive or negative comments, corrections, or questions.

Michal Křemen